August 2010

Hoping to secure her love with a fancy gift


Well. Today, Fred revealed that his experiment was a success and managed to bring to life a female that he carefully crafted.  He thinks she is going to fall madly in love with him and go with him on all his adventures.  Men, undead or not, are sometimes hard to reason with in regards to many things.  She hasn’t spoken yet, so we do not know what her name is, nor if Fred’s love theory will prove itself.  He is waiting patiently for the rest of her neural pathways to finish developing.  I almost hope she doesn’t, because I fear I won’t have the ability to protect the resident cat, should both of these creatures decide to team up against her. We will see……


Busy in the laboratory

Fred has been very busy working on his secret experiment.  He tells me that he feels that he will be done soon, with this one at least, and that I will know what he has been up to soon.  I managed to get a peek, but he is doing a good job at keeping things under wraps.  Perhaps within the next few days we will find out what is going on!

Running errands

Fred’s experiment has taken his full attention. He is being very secretive and would not even let me tag along to wherever it was that he went! It is all very mysterious.  I am taking extra precautions to ensure the cat’s safety, but otherwise I will be very glad when all this experimentation monkey business in finished.

Fred and his helpful agent


Fred has insisted that he requires laboratory space for some science experiments that he wants to conduct.  We found an obliging real estate agent that showed Fred a large, empty space. He wants to buy it, he tells me it will fit his needs perfectly. I’m wary…I don’t know what experiments he wants to conduct. I tell him the resident cat is off limits, as is myself. That does not phase him and therefore gives me cause to worry about what he is cooking up.


Watching a favorite movie....Aguirre Wrath of God

It isn’t all hard work around here. Fred takes some time to relax and catch his favorite movie, via Netflix’s Instant View application.  The resident cat looks on, plotting something I’m sure. After the movie, Fred will surf around and check out some of his favorite websites and perhaps play a round of Mahjong.



Chilling out with the dangerous beast

Fred thinks it is important to hone skills that could prove useful on an expedition.  Since the chance of running into wild animals is a possibility on any trip, he tries to cultivate an air of calmness.  To test his abilities he annoys the resident cat, which is not particularly difficult to do.  He has so far escaped any major maiming, so it is possible his skills are improving!  She is a crafty one, however, and I fear I may return home one day to find Fred missing a limb or two. We’ll see.

As every explorer should, Fred has a vast number of interests that become handy on his trips.  On his last trip to an unknown location he came across a number of seeds that he did not recognize.  He brought them home and planted them to see what kinds of plants he could get to grow.  Nothing has sprouted yet, but he checks diligently each day, checking on water levels and soil quality.  He tells me that plants are one of the most exciting things, especially planted from seeds.  You never know what is going to be coming up, poking through the soil!  As long as it isn’t another zombie, I tell him.

Peeking in and hoping for sprouts

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