November 2010

Pausing to examine the tree we are know in case it has something interesting about it....

A hideous beast is gaining on us, so we hightail it up a conveniently nearby tree.  Here Fred takes a moment to pause in the midst of our bid for safety to check out what kind of tree we are climbing. I ask him why we should care when a monster is chasing us with drool dripping down it’s chin. He tells me it is all about scientific inquiry. Sigh….dead people, they just don’t understand urgency in regards to their still living companions.


Stopping to smell the flowers....while in mortal danger

The noise kept getting louder, closer and began to include some snorting sounds.  Confused snorting sounds, but enough to make this photographer nervous.  Fred’s deadness throws off many predators but not so much of the scavengers. Whatever is stalking us sounds large…..very large…so we make a sharp right turn and plunge into a thicket of purple flowers and greenery.

Boulders, boulders everywhere!

Here we go again, he sees a dried up river bed and we have to investigate. He just dives right in without doing any proper research first, which is a bit unlike him. The adventuring bug must have bit him hard this time.  I hear a strange sound as we pick our way around all these rocks…..